Review of "Christian Biographies for Young Readers: Phillis Wheatley"

From Chris Adams: 

This book was a tremendous blessing to our entire family. It is refreshing to hear more about how God can use every circumstance for his glory, regardless of the intentions of man. Young Phillis was and continues to be a treasure to many. We highly recommend this book as a part of family worship. 

Summary by Ava Adams: 

Philis Wheatley was an African American poet who lived during the 18th century. she was born in West Africa and was brought to America as a slave when she was only seven years old. Despite her difficult circumstances, Wheatley learned English and became a published poet.

Her work was well-received by both American and British audiences, and she became known for her elegant style and use of classical themes. Wheatley's poetry often addressed issues of race and slavery, and she was an essential voice in the early abolitionist movement.

Today, she is remembered as one of the most significant African American writers of the colonial era. 

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