A Promise Kept

by Rodney Stewart, deacon at CRBC

To be secure in Christ is to know that when we fail, He will never cast us out.

As I read Psalms 78, the promise that God has made to His people gives me such overwhelming assurance and peace that God is for me and not against me.   Even as the chosen nation of Israel failed God time and time again, He never forgot His covenant that He made with them.  Their continuous complaining and grumbling; all the while receiving abundant blessings, were still not enough to cause God to turn His back on the people that He had made a promise to.  Psalm 78:10  tells us, “They did not keep God’s covenant but refused to walk according to His law.”

According to Genesis 17, this covenant that God made between Abraham was one sided. It was held up by the name of God, as His name is the very nature of who He is.  He held up to His agreement because He can not break His promise.

The covenant was given for God to follow. As a handshake is a bond made between two people, God’s covenant to the people of Israel was that proverbial handshake He made with himself, that only He was able to make good on.  The actions of His heirs did not affect the covenant that He had made with Himself.

How does this apply to us, His Church today?  

God has made a new covenant with the Elect.  The promise of salvation is given to those who have placed their faith in Christ.  When we rebel against God, He remembers His new covenant with us.  When we wander away and forget the goodness and love of God, He remembers the promise that was made in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Even when we don’t live up to the standards that God commands of us, He being compassionate, atoned for our iniquity through the blood of Jesus Christ.  We are drawn back to Him with repentant hearts.  The new nature that God gives us when we are born again makes us fall to our knees in true heart turning repentance.  But while the flesh is strong, the grace of God is stronger.  His mercies are new every day.

The new covenant made in Jesus was made by Him to keep.  He knows that we will fail Him but praise God that He remembers that we are but flesh.

The one sided agreement is held up by God alone to preserve the people of the promise.  The Lord tells us in Leviticus 26:12 that He will be our God and we will be His people.  He is the one that has made the demands.  For He is the one  that can keep them perfectly because we can’t.

Hebrews 13:5 tells us that we can find comfort in the truth that God will never leave you or forsake us.

He loves us to the uttermost.  We are His forevermore.

Rodney Stewart, CRBC Angier

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